How to Lose 10 Pounds

Would you lose 10 pounds. stop it. Did not you think you could easily lose 10 pounds. I mean, let’s go real. If you want to literally lose 10 pounds in 10 seconds, you will have to do an unpleasant surger. Or give birth. So, if you’re not ready to pop, I’ll stop looking for light, quick results that are not too good.

Lose 10 Pounds

Even if you do not have a magic bullet to lose 10 pounds instantly, you can tell me how to reduce it by 10 pounds in about some seconds. Secret? Obviously, I’m talking about your posture. Please correct one thing before we jump in. Posture is not any reserved eternal posture you have to endure. You’re not a statue, okay? In fact, I do not really like the word “posture”. The posture is accompanied by the word “posture”, and even if you are “right” there is not much life. A much better word is “alignment”. “The alignment is small for a single location, but less for a location.

Just like you, your alignment requires breathing. Your alignment is dynamic. Adapt. It flows and flows. It is tailored to your complex motion needs. It takes into account the relationship between all parts of your body. When one thing moves, everything moves. If they are well aligned, they stay connected. On the other hand, a good “posture” tends to go out the window as soon as you take the first step. It is tired and inconvenient to maintain a “perfect location”.

It’s unnatural. It’s just healthy. The key to true dynamic alignment is a bit tricky. But I do not want to stress it right now. Instead, I want you to work on changing basic habits with my easy easy posture hack. To improve your posture, please sing your head, shoulders, knees and toes. There is one little twist inspired by Disney.

First, note where the top of your head is. Imagine the light from the point to the ceiling. Then imagine that the light falls straight on the ground. Two rays intersect to create one nice long light. This is your vertical axis. Imagine a space above your head with your feet on the ground. Imagine a ray of light moving across your collarbone. It extends from one shoulder to the other, connecting the inner space of the upper body.

Now imagine the light of each shoulder shining outward toward the wall. Combine all these lights into a single ray to widen your shoulders and open your heart.¬†Now perform one final quick check. Tension your body. Imagine “pulling” toward the sky and just “drop it” and drop your ear straight toward your shoulders. Imagine your shoulders pulling down.

Do not push it

Please let your arms hang on your legs effortlessly. Fit your foot forward. Now let gravity do the rest. If the body is properly stacked, there is no need to hold it yourself. Go. Loses 10 pounds in some seconds. It was too good to be true, did not it? Well, even your hard critics learn to cheat super simple body hacks. Try and see what it feels like. Better still, stand in front of the mirror and run through this short little ditty and find out how it looks. Sit and stand and play tennis. Visualize and practice better alignment while moving in a better direction.

Why does it work

If your body works better, your body looks good. Posture helps you keep moving on your way. Of course, most people know that their posture is not good. It is a problem when changing habits. Do you need help remembering? Look for the trigger. Select your favorite style or style, and use your posture to sing a posture. You can sing whenever you look out the window, answer the phone, or check your email. The more often you do it, the more unconscious the pattern becomes.

Now that you’ve hacked, are you ready to go a little deeper? I hope so! Improving your posture can do a lot more than making you look 10 pounds thinner. Improving your alignment improves almost every health field. It may look like a “too good to be true” promise. But unlike a lie that “loses 10 pounds in 10 seconds” this is the real deal. When your alignment is inflated it can cause great damage to cells, tissues, and even DNA.

So be kind to the whole body and think seriously about your posture.¬†Check out SomaFit to take advantage of your body’s potential without destroying the entire schedule. It is a fitness exercise that will replace dull workout with exercise that restores natural habit for a pain-free, confident life. Oh yes, the exercise is 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. You did this.

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