How to Keep your Natural Curls Moisturized in This Winter

How to keep your Natural curls moisturized in this winter. When winter comes, it will do enormous damage to everything. With less sleep time, my budget is reduced, and with my budget, I can use the DoorDash app to avoid both skin and hair without stepping outside. This is especially true because you are wearing hair in its natural state. The hair is messed up. Unlike straight hair, curly hair tends to be much drier because it is harder to descend along the helix of natural oil on the scalp.

How to Keep your Natural Curls Moisturized in this Winter

This season we met DevaCurl educator and Devachan Certified Curl Specialist Jessica Fitzpatrick to create a perfect winter hair care routine to save us all from dry, lifeless curls. Check these four simple tips (including product recommendations) for a soft, moist curl before the next wash day.

1. Always deep

You always have to integrate deep conditioning into your washing routine everyday, but it is even more important if it gets colder because it rests our hair in the winter. And if you intend to add more time to your daily routine with more than an hour (or more) of conditioning sessions, you will be glad to know that it is unnecessary. Leaving a deep dip conditioner for longer than what is indicated on the product label does not necessarily improve efficacy, Fitzpatrick explains.

Three to five minutes a week or two or three times a week is all that is needed for an in-depth daily life. Curly hair is a lifestyle, and it must fit into what you are actually doing rather than being a great devotion.” One thing you really need when you need extra moisture is to leave it to a few extra conditioners.

Hair styling will help you decide which type of conditioner you should use. So when choosing a deep conditioner, you should find a conditioner that contains moisture, such as aloe vera, shea butter, honey, etc. For curly girls with delicate textures, use a protein-based conditioner to help strengthen the thin paint.

2. Identify ingredients

Not all products are made equal, and some of our favorites can do more harm than good, especially in winter. “Moisturizers that pull moisture into the hair and keep it up usually contain glycerin, are moist in the winter and hydrate the hair in summer, but dry in winter,” Fitzpatrick says. If the climate around you is drier, glycerin can actually oppose you by balancing the hair’s moisture into the air around you.

Focus on products that contain abundant emollients, such as fatty alcohols, fruit and vegetable oils, butter,” Fitzpatrick says. “They help to soften and smooth the epidermis of the hair, creating a barrier that keeps moisture and keeps away the frizziness.

3. Start with a clean slate

When the curly hair dries, we tend to use more cream and butter, or we tend to moisturize and re-moisturize several products at once, but they can often accumulate on the scalp. “Scalp management is an important step in keeping curls moist because the hair is boring and undefined, and as more weight is accumulated, more products are piled up,” Fitzpatrick says.

Clarifying your shampoo can help alleviate the buildup, but if you find it too dry, there are other ways to get rid of the scalp. “If you do not want to buy an additional product, you can drop a few drops of tea tree oil in your favorite cleanser to help identify the hair follicle.”

4. Defend your Wash Day

Properly moisturizing and curling style is only half of the battle. “Since your hair is the most moisturizing in the shower, put your styling product in your hair while it’s wet,” Fitzpatrick says. “Smooth the frizziness that can be seen with water and conditioner before taking a shower.” To keep moisture and keep the last style, sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase or wrap your hair with silk or a satin scarf. Both have less friction than cotton and do not absorb natural oils from the hair.

During the day you can find a hat with silk lining. Take your hair with your hand in order to revive flat hair with a hat and some volume. If you start to look a little hairy and start to stretch your style for a day, put some conditioner and water in the spray bottle, bubble through the hair to replenish lost moisture and reset the style.

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