How to Get Rid of Oily Skin

Turning greatness into good skin gives me a word that applies directly to my life. I am confronted with a second category of” achieving great skin “through careful effort, careful product research, testing and analysis When people praise my complexion, I keep the scissors in the right attitude and walk like a kindergarten student who receives praise from the teacher who remembers walking and not running.

Reminisce about my precious mind

This may be vain, superficial, or even a little psychotic. (An image that stare into the mirror, pat on my skin and reminisce about my “precious” mind), but I am not ashamed. Actually, I am proud. I was not born with good skin, and sadly good skin did not poke me. I have worked for the skin I have now, and although it is not perfect, it has much less oil and acne than the skin that grows. But I did not forget acne, oily Jordan. They stay in the vicinity of my brain, the familiar flood of stress and anxiety sometimes floods me every time I see a hint of breakout formation.

So, I wanted to share some important things that helped the skin to become very greasy and enjoyable, hoping that it would help people who have had difficulties with oil spills in the T-zone. Yes, nature should be regarded as credit. Most of the acne-filled days were teenage teenage hormones, but in general, skin-care routines are a major reason why you do not have to dirty your face 10 times a day (true story). Also, keep in mind that these are the tips I have worked for.

If you have a skin care routine that you love, I like to take care of every single point I get ahead of you. Be sure to stick to everything. But when you have long suffered from oily skin and shouted “Why me?” Just before shaking your fist in the sky, you can find some useful information. Let’s get started. Continue scrolling to see how I have trained my skin less.

Difference between dryness and dehydration

Tol almost burned my heart to me. There is a difference between putting oil on your skin and keeping moisture on your skin,” she said. “When you’re dehydrated, there’s a lack of moisture and moisture.” When you’re dry, you’re running out of oil, which is two separate things. That is, dehydration and moisture may be present even if the skin looks like oil. In other words, even the oily skin type can benefit from a lightweight moisturizer.

Please take a moisturizer such as hyaluronic acid and light moisture. Hyaluronic acid is contained up to 1000 times of water. Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated keeps you happy and balanced. I use morning and evening hyaluronic acid serum such as Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum ($ 69) to calm and calm my nasty complexion. So, repeat after me. Moisture is not your enemy, it is your friend.

About sulfate

If you turn a cleanser or shampoo over, you will see something like sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laurate. They are cheap detergents and surfactants that clean your skin and hair, giving you a bubbly, satisfying foam. Here it is: they are too harsh on the skin of your face and can actually aggravate your oil problem. “Using too dry removes too much oil, so the body moves excessively to produce more oil,” explains Donna Tol, manager and account manager for SkinMedica. One of the biggest paradigm shifts I have traveled with good skin is to realize that it should not be reached on products that say oily skin.

Because it is usually full of sulphate. I might even say that most traditional foaming cleansers contain sulfate. So do your research and find a good non-sulfuric cleaning agent that will keep your skin clean. Renee Rouleau Moisture Protecting Cleanser ($ 37), Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam ($ 36), BareMinerals Oil Clevering Oil ($ 30) (Oil cleanser, but actually removes all makeup and turns into a little bit of skin. If you tend to do a lot of eye makeup as I do, it is a good idea to double it with a rich oil cleanser first.

Everyone on the Byrdie team is captured by Eve Lom Cleanser ($ 50) and has seen the light lately. If you are looking for more affordable things, I always look at Korean brands. Re: Cipe Rose Petal Cleansing Oil ($ 17) is completely luxurious and smells like real roses, while SU: M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick ($ 28) is Soko Glam’s top seller and uses almost all natural oils.

acne back up

I went through strange steps about a year ago, and I was made up of small, pointed bumps in the middle of the forehead. It will turn the ugly (white) head every few weeks without warning, and I will pray and pray that I will just leave the concealer and leave. I then used the British miracle product Medik8 Betagel ($ 68) from Ayla Beauty founder. This product literally removed my forehead breakout all night long. Since then, I’ve never left it in my sight (you can read my full experience here).

After discovering this life saving product, I have further investigated the acne ingredient, and although benzyl peroxide has long been used as a common acne remedy, I think many dumps are actually too harsh and can cause scarring or premature aging. . I am not an acne specialist, but I have been thinking about it, so I am attracted to acne products with salicylic acid and azelaic acid. The latter can actually prevent scarring. (It is also a component of many bright parts.

 Alcohol to my margarita habits

I admit that having a diet with meals has many health benefits but has not arrived yet. If after a long week my frost margarita says it is not good for my soul, anyone can dare try. But I stopped drinking in the skin care process, and the skin generally responded less intelligently and happily. Alcohols, often included in benzyl alcohol, SD alcohols, denatured alcohol or isopropyl alcohol ingredient labels, are suitable for dry or greasy skin. It is dry (and not surprising) and constantly used can actually weaken the skin over time.

The trap is as follows. Products aimed at oil-rich skin types or “lightweight” and easily absorbed products rely on alcohol to make fast, dry and heavy finishes catch people. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned with Beauty Editor is to focus on ingredients, ignoring all the talk about marketing. Material is a lie – not smart marketing. No matter how important the content of the appointment is (if it is from the end of the product list and from a brand.

I love and trust, I will not offer a product listing alcohol in the first five ingredients near my face. Lightweight moisturizers like SkinMedica Ultra Sheer Moisturizer ($ 58), Tatcha Pore Perfecting Water Gel Moisturizer ($ 68) and Huxley Anti-Gravity Cream ($ 43) prevent long-term skin dryness.

Please note: Cetearyl, cetyl and stearyl alcohol are not really good for you, so do not blame these products. They are harmless and are usually emulsifiers classified as “fatty alcohols” derived from coconut or vegetable oils.

S kin like a queen

Here is the truth. If you are not born with a natural and perfect skin, you probably need to do something. In the past, I thought skincare was a tricky one. Five minutes left in bed and was executed as quickly as possible. However, I started to see real results in the products I used, and gradually skin care became consciousness and indulgence, not an annoying necessity. I started looking forward to weekly masks (Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask, $ 70, fully luxurious and never dry; Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, $ 22 is a great alternative) and needed time to heal myself.

Usually settled in the bathroom or hugged in bed with a good book and waited for the mask to do the magic. Contains oil balancing ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea (also known as Camellia sinensis leaf extract) and vitis vinifera seed extract. . SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic ($ 163) is the beauty editor’s favorite. Instanatural Vitamin C Skin Cleansing Serum ($ 21) is cheaper and Byrdie editor Lindsey’s go-to (and Whitney Port’s) is also available.

Trim your skin with love and skin

I think people are confused. You want oil to disappear when you have oily skin, but oil must be buried there because it provides a natural protective barrier to the skin.” She suggests how to break down oil with oil, You should not be embarrassed. I have recently become disgusted with oiling my face and contact Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum ($ 185) and Lindstrom Blue Cocoon ($ 160) every time my skin is bored or tired. Kahina Beauty Argan Oil ($ 36) is another great option for hair and body.

Instead of peeling off, I removed the keratin once or twice a week with a more intensive treatment (ie, Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Peel, $ 88), or each time using a soft chemical peeling agent such as a biomimetic peel pad ($ 70) Increase cell turnover and help my hydration agent penetrate better. Nowadays, it is advisable to wear a light moisturizing mask, essence and other moisturizing skin care products.

Since then, my skin has never been good to see. You can go all day without reaching the blotting paper, which gives you time to focus on more important things, such as whether you should start Vanderpump Rules (all signs are examples).

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