The Right Cleansing for Oily Greasy Skin

The first thing to understand about oily skin is that it is caused by the excess skin oil produced in the pores. Your skin has a lot of oil, and your hair tends to be thick, thin, short or tall. Oily faces have so many advantages that you do not like. The oil in your skin relieves dryness and keeps you healthy. It also helps maintain skin elasticity to help prevent wrinkles. However, excessive secretion of oil causes problems such as acne and acne, as well as widening pores and bacteria, as well as being clogged with oil. Oily skin is easily torn more easily, so you need to look more often.

What causes oily skin

Oil production is a natural function of skin. Oil from the skin is called sebum (sebum), and skin can be classified as intellect only when sebum is out of normal range. Excessive sebum production can occur for any of the following reasons: Genetics – Greater sebaceous glands that produce excess oil are genetic properties that can be inherited from parents. Hormone Changes – Androgens are hormones that are responsible for oil production, and changes in hormone levels increase sebum production. These changes are most pronounced in puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Any kind of hormone drug or stress-induced hormone imbalance can have the same effect.

Environment – If you are in a hot and humid environment, you can stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce excess oil. Likewise, in dry or cold places, the skin becomes dry and sweat glands can overdrive to compensate. Skin Care Products – Faces on the face affects the way sebum secrete secrete oil. Cosmetics that do not fit your skin type can aggravate your sweat glands. Washing your face with harsh or poor quality products will dry your skin and allow your sweat glands to produce more oil to replenish.

Is there a difference between oil and water level

Every time we think about hydration, we immediately think about water, which also applies to our skin. Drinking more water will increase the level of cells and make your skin softer. Regularly moisturizing your skin will reduce signs of wrinkles and fine lines. So why not just drink water and drink enough? It’s because of the difference between hydrated and moisturized skin! When sebum is created on the skin, it is nutritious, protects and moisturizes the skin, but it can produce oily skin. Using a harsh product, you can remove the skin from essential oils.

As a result, your skin reacts by producing more oil than you want. This vicious cycle is red and can block more pores. Despite oily skin, it is important to use a moisturizer after washing your face during the day or night. Even if the idea is not so appealing, you’ll need to use a moisturizer after you clean it, because your face is sensitive and needs extra help in regaining moisture. The most important thing is to use products that are not too harsh on your skin.

Oily Skin Care Routine

There is a way to temporarily remove oil or hide scratches, but you need a permanent skin care routine for oily skin care. Some adjustments to the skin care system can help to effectively eradicate oily skin. Choose the right facial cleanser – a good facial cleanser sign will feel fresh, but not firm, after washing. The best cleansing for oily skin and acne will wipe off the soil and the face oil will not wash away the sweat glands easily. Please lightly moisturize the surface of the surface of the skin gently to ensure that the ingredients. Because acne prone skin can not tolerate neutral astringents, apply the same rule to toner and use it once or twice a week.

Properly moisturizing your face – It is easy to think that you do not need to moisturize oily skin. But the opposite is actually the case. Moisturizer creates a barrier that keeps dirt and stains on the pores and relieves skin oils. Use a lightweight moisturizer to keep your skin soft and use too many products that do not clog pores. Consult a dermatologist – If your oily skin is a medical problem, you should seek professional help. Your dermatologist will help you pinpoint the cause of your greasy skin and solve the problem from its source.

Moisturizing and soap for oily skin and acne

It is myth that it is not necessary to supply water to oily skin. It is very important that you choose your face care product carefully. Choose a lightweight moisturizer. Heavy creams can clog the pores instead of cleansing the oil. The best moisturizer for oily skin keeps your skin clean and clean even in summer. Bar You can dry your skin with soap, but depending on the ingredients you can choose a good soap for oily skin and acne.

Wet tissue for oily skin

Johnson ‘s offers a variety of facial care products that can be effective for oily skin. In addition to a facial cleanser and moisturizer, you can use a facial wipe for oily skin for a shiny, glazed face every day. This face wipes are specially formulated to enhance the natural moisture balance of the skin. They sweep away impurities from the skin without drying the skin and fight the light. Clean the T-zone cleanly, remove the greasy look and clean the entire surface to clean up.

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