When I was young I thought reading the body language would open the world for me. It was a world where I could understand people better, know job interview ace, and know whether dating likes me. Interestingly, I soon learned that reading body language while training to become a CertifiedRead More →

As a modern dancer, I have always seen my feet as the foundation for my body, especially spine health. I prefer to walk as much as possible with bare feet, and be absolutely comfortable when buying shoes. And as a sophisticated practitioner I often see women wearing high heels andRead More →

Introduces a one-minute exercise to help you find a neutral pelvis and improve your sitting position. Bend your knees, put your feet on the ground, and lie down on your back. Stay 2 to 4 inches apart to keep your feet aligned with your hips. (The buttocks are joins andRead More →

Would you lose 10 pounds. stop it. Did not you think you could easily lose 10 pounds. I mean, let’s go real. If you want to literally lose 10 pounds in 10 seconds, you will have to do an unpleasant surger. Or give birth. So, if you’re not ready toRead More →

What is Body Lotion? Lotions are topical preparations that are applied to the skin with bare or facial skin for moisturizing and / or therapeutic purposes. Most body lotions are intended to keep your skin soft, soft and healthy, but contain anti-aging properties and a fragrance. Body lotion is lessRead More →

Skincare is one of the simplest and yet most complex. Not only are there many options available on the product side, but great skin care steps can be difficult for some people. But with a basic knowledge of your skin and armed with the right product, you can have healthyRead More →

What is Face Moisturizers? Skin care is one of the simplest and most complex. In addition to many options for skin care products, the steps for a great skin care routine are difficult for some people. But with a basic knowledge of your skin and armed with the right product,Read More →

How to Protect your Skin in Every Season. Holidays are a happy time. Pack your bags and fly on a ski slope, or warm your sunshine somewhere on the beach. You do not want to ruin your feelings. It is the least of the skin problems we deal with. FollowRead More →