Top 5 Body Language Mistakes

When I was young I thought reading the body language would open the world for me. It was a world where I could understand people better, know job interview ace, and know whether dating likes me. Interestingly, I soon learned that reading body language while training to become a Certified Exercise Analyst is a useful technique. But I did not know what other people were thinking, and it was more important to make sure my work was consistent with the true self.

Body Language Mistakes

But let’s talk about you for a while. As someone who knows the benefits of reading body language, I can say that paying attention to your body language is essential for you to feel real feelings and communicate what you really want. Is body language good or bad? And what does it even mean? More importantly, why is it important to you? As an exercise analyst, I have seen people move for the last 10 years. I read body language in all languages. But before moving on to today’s discussion, I would like to give one clear explanation.

There is no single definition for a specific gesture or action. It is because the movement is complex, cultural and personal. Your mood changes depending on your mood. It will also change depending on the environment. You saw a woman crossing your arms. Read her body language. Maybe he was angry. Or uncomfortable. Maybe she may hate a man or a boss.

Maybe she is just cold. You do not know unless you ask her. Still. No matter what she feels, she is sending messages through her movements, whether or not she follows her reality. In short, that is why you need to be interested in body language. That’s why it’s important to spend some time focusing on exercise. Your body is a powerful part of you.

But society is reducing it to size or form. People are worried that their bodies forget that their bodies are the ultimate medium of personal expression and that their clothes reflect true self. Do you feel like real? Do you want to communicate more confidently with others? Focus on your movements. Do not know where to start?

I will start by making sure that I do not make the most common body language mistakes. No one wants to be a liar. But you can deceive the true self in the world without you knowing.

1.) Sinking forward head

Smartphone. computer. Long commute. Have you forgotten your glasses? Is there too much TV. There are many reasons for falling into frontal lobe syndrome. Our super-concentrated world attracts our attention. And when we do not recover from that constant pull, the head is easy to suck back and forth. First of all, it is not very attractive. But perhaps you do not look like a hunchback. So consider how it affects your health when you get out of shape.

Head forward turns off alignment. Do you know how dangerous it is to drive a car with bad coordination? Well, body alignment is also important. Passively pulling your head down will tell you a few facts. People see it as a sign of depression, failure, coma, apathy, and abandonment. If pulled forward, the connection may be broken, grounded, or unstable.

As your head moves away from the rest of your body, you lose confidence and competence. Do you want people to see you as engaged and empowered? Bend your head. I light up your alignment. Imagine the ray of light coming from the earth. It travels between the legs and reaches the top of the head through the spine. Let the light shine through the ceiling above the ceiling.

Next, carefully place your fingers in each ear. This is the same level as the spinal column. Imagine your head with your fingers in your ear. Shake your head back and forth easily. Slowly bring it to a neutral position. Make sure your jaw does not protrude forward. Imagine having an eye behind your head. Make sure they are watching the world.

Now find the trigger. What you do all day. You can sign in to facebook, wash your hands, or walk at any time. Remind the trigger to check in your head. Are you coming? Or are they aligned? Interested in reading body language? Are you looking for a better first impression and confidence? Stop these five body language mistakes.

2.) Retraction heart

It is natural that many people are suffering from this body language problem. Our world is very isolated. Of course, we can connect with anyone online anytime. However, human interaction has declined in both quantity and quality. The physical signs of its isolation are evident in your retreating mind. You fell over your shoulder? Hard muscles? Has the thoracic cavity collapsed or closed inward? These are signs of a retreating mind. Look at people when talking to others. How often do you see the upper heel of manual heaviness?

How often do you feel security again without opening it out? Many of the same health risks of heading forward are seen as a retreating heart. Because they are often together. Our body compensates the forward thrust of the head with the rear thrust of the upper body. In this sense, this “issue” achieves its purpose. It keeps falling. But the “service” has side effects. Reduced lung capacity, shoulder tension, and spinal misalignment are the most obvious crimes.

Have all the other unpleasant things with them. Fractures, and osteoporosis. Your body may tell the world that you have a heavy heart. Sadness, depression, feeling overwhelmed. Weakness, indifference, and laziness are expressions. And maybe you are feeling those things. Understanding body language does not cover a brave face when you feel blue. It is not lying to the world. If you need to express your sadness, be sure to fully live it.

The problem is when past events / emotions turn into constant habits. Perhaps sadness would have been overwhelming a few years ago. If you do not know how to restore your body to its natural state, the message will not change. People no longer see real people. They can only see scars. You will also notice that the posture can affect your feelings. Do you want to cheer? Open your heart by lengthening your spine. Make sure your head is really aligned on your spine.

Now imagine the area between the two shoulders. Drag from one shoulder to another shoulder in your heart so that your heart does not fall behind the line. Next, imagine that the world will open in front of you. Never touch the back of the torso. Instead, open both front and back. Be three-dimensional. Take up space. You deserve it.

3. Missing eyes

Okay. Sometimes it is difficult to see someone with eyes. There is a vulnerability coming from there. As a “window for our souls,” making that kind of connection can be difficult. Still, eye contact can be one of the most powerful tools to express your actual version. Too little eye contact can be considered fraudulent. You may be indifferent or disrespectful. Lack of connections lowers your confidence in your abilities. Conversely, those who maintain a good eye are often considered wise. They are considered to be more confident and proud.

Eye contact may improve your relationship. We create trust, loyalty, friendship, and intimacy. Of course, too much eye contact can be creepy and overbearing. You do not need to take a look at your friends. Improving body language does not follow the rules. Rather, they are aware of trends and retraining patterns. Remember that there is a strong point about finding someone in the eye. Notices and changes. It is so simple and difficult.

Be aware that you have a tendency to face or lose your eyes. Notice when you speak, and when you are listening. Be careful when it is most difficult to keep your gaze. Check for an exit pattern. Especially when you are talking about meaning, try to consciously try to look at people with your eyes. Talk and practice with someone you trust. Ask for their feedback.

4.) Low energy

Have you ever typed “lol” just to realize that you are not actually laughing. I always do that. It’s easy to throw an emoticon. It is more difficult to express feelings physically. Most people who interact with people these days have very little energy. Do not get me wrong, everyone is nice enough. But the difference in expression is minimal. We have become a monotonous society. We are emotional beings. Your feelings are powerful inroad for personal connections.

If you lose the ability to express the changes in your life, you lose part of the human race. It is also much easier to separate from the real world. If the online world was more interesting, why would it interact directly? Have you ever spoken to someone who discusses something without hints of energy? Do you want to be your best friend in your life? Probably not. From business to personal relationships, low energy can kill everything.

You loose. Your mind is strange. I can not forget you. Forget about you. I am not suggesting you become a 16 year old cheerleader. Energy is not the same as sounding. Increasing your energy is less than about quantity and dispersion. Consider shooting yourself while talking about your childhood. Speak unusually. Then shoot again and play with a little energy change. Play with fast, slow timing.

Focus your attention directly and keep it more expansive. Add a pitch attack. Play with other beckons, the size of the gestures, and the effects of their movements. Stand firm with your feet and put some weight on your horse. Try different “characters” for fun. Become a pirate, fairy, training boss. Notice that there are other qualities depending on your voice and movement. Make sure what is natural and what is not natural.

Then play the video and make sure it is natural and invisible. You will probably be surprised at how exciting the higher energy version is. The thing to remember is that you do not need to be pretenders or actors. I hope you feel honest in your body language. The goal is to improve real communication. I think you are a really fun person. Do not be afraid of it in your movements.

5.) There is no basis

Nobody wants to live in a house built on two shaky rays unstable. There are reasons why we prefer a solid foundation for sowing the soil. We think our home can be safe and secure. One of my pets is seeing untrustworthy people chasing others because they can not get on the ground. What does “grounded” mean? Grounded people are fully supported by the planet. They are stable (and consequently more mobile). They are not fighting gravity or victims of it.

The grounded people keep the upper body and lower body in harmony. They know how to loosen their weight to earth. The earth is tilted back to create a beautiful tensile strength to maintain the alignment sound. Ungrounded people do not have a firm footing. They swing back and forth from one leg to the other and push their hips sideways. They tend not to move or move because of fear of falling. Ungrounded people tend to compensate for lack of ground by adopting nervous habits.

They are not firm in their view of themselves. They are people who escape from “hard work.” Or they do not actually know what they want in life. Insufficient sense of grounding can be considered weak and nervous. Some people may think that they are lacking in integrity or incapable of making changes. We are constantly reaching our goals.

But it seems like there is not enough momentum to actually follow. Unlike the other four body language mistakes, what is not grounded is not easy to evaluate and correct. You may not realize there is a problem with the ground. Grounding is one of the basic principles of confidence and strength. If you want to improve your abilities, check out the Inside Out program. I will help you feel basic, confident and beautiful.

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