Health Benefits of Grounding Earthing

As a modern dancer, I have always seen my feet as the foundation for my body, especially spine health. I prefer to walk as much as possible with bare feet, and be absolutely comfortable when buying shoes. And as a sophisticated practitioner I often see women wearing high heels and regret that their names are on their spines in the name of fashion (I do not care if they think you are comfortable). But I recently learned a new reason to prefer barefoot than to put off my shoes recently.

Advantages of Grounding

In short, grounding is the process of grounding the grounding method (similar to how we “ground” electrical outlets). It is a natural process that connects to the earth to “neutralize” the electrical configuration of our bodies. In our modern age everything is insulated. We wear rubber shoes. We live in insulation houses. We are spending most of the day engaged in electrical equipment. We are literally disconnected from the Earth and disconnected from Earth, resulting in an electronic shortage in our bodies.

Your planet is a 6.6 trillion (or six zero-metric) metric tonnes of batteries that are constantly being replenished from sunlight, lightning, and the molten nuclei of the deep sea. And as the battery of a car moves as it rolls its wheels, the rhythmic ripple of natural energy flowing through the Earth’s surface also maintains rhythm and endurance life on Earth. Balance (Earthing: What is the most important health discovery? Page 3)

Electricity charges like earth are really important to our human beings like Earth. Our body is made up of water and minerals. Both are amazing conductors of electrons. And as long as there is direct skin contact with the earth, 6,000,000,000,000,000 metric tons of free electrons in the battery (earth) are easily transmitted throughout our bodies. These free electrons help balance our body with many free radicals.

On free radicals and inflammation

Free radicals are positively charged molecules (molecules lacking one or more electrons) that stabilize free electrons. In a healthy, well-balanced body, this free radical removes electrons from pathogens and damages the “bad guys” that destroy the tissues of our bodies, resulting in missing electrons. This is acute inflammation. (This is a good thing.) The problem is that chronic inflammation or prolonged inflammation starts to attack free radicals and attack healthy tissue.

We believe that normal inflammation is in an out-of-control state because contact with the earth is broken. People are suffering from an electronic scarcity. There is not enough free electrons to satisfy the desire of free radicals. (Grounding, page 60) Medical professionals and scientists believe that inflammation is one of the leading causes of almost all chronic diseases, from stroke to heart disease and arthritis.

Many people who actually suffer from various problems (eg, back pain, autism, allergies, arthritis, electrical sensation, fibromyalgia, visual disturbance, multiple sclerosis, sciatica, sleep apnea, stress and varicose veins) have reported remarkable results by grounding. Grounding Benefits: Establish a foundation for health promotion.

Every concept of the earth is scientifically relatively new. However, studies conducted over the last 10 and a half years have shown remarkable results. For example, in a double-blind study, one group used a “ground sheet” and the control group used a placebo sheet. In the “grounded” group:

  1. 93% reported sleeping well all night.
  2. 82% reduction in muscle rigidity
  3. 74% experienced the removal of chronic back / joint pain.
  4. 100% reported feeling more awakened from sleep.
  5. 78% improve general health

Some ‘grounded’ participants also reported respiratory problems, RA, hypertension, sleep apnea, transient and improvement from PMS. And my absolutely favorite Earthing advantage: 85% slept faster. You heard me right.

Naturally sleep better

I really like sleeping. A lot of. Even during teenage and young adult life, when most of my friends really liked to stay late, I liked to go to bed early with my grandmother’s tendency. It was a chore to stay till late (although I was doing all the work now, but I was doing social life). One of the reasons why sleep is so important to me (besides the many health reasons associated with it) is that I have been worried for my whole life. I called myself roller coaster insomnia. I had a week that I could hardly sleep until I was so tired that I could not sleep for one or two weeks at last.

I am not one of those people who can get up in the middle of the night and do other things. As a result, I spent a lot of time in my bedroom looking at the ceiling in my bedroom. Of course, whenever I say I have insomnia, I get a lot of suggestions. I generally ignore the suggestions associated with drugs (or even “natural” people with most sayings, no matter what their supplements are). But I’m sure I’ve tried almost all “natural” approaches to sleep better.

Yoga before bed (this is definitely nervous and I will try every night and help something.) Respiratory movement (same as above). Relaxation skills too many names, Eye mask. You should drink warm milk before you go to sleep. Do not drink water after 8pm. Exercise “hug me” before sleeping, Acupressure, Magnesium Oils and Other. Some of these have been a little helpful.

And the good news is that we have discovered a wealth of knowledge about the body, hormones and sleep every time we try something new. The bad news is that if you do not get enough sleep, there is a lot of information about basically how you can kill me. Learn about free ways to improve your health. The ground effect is better sleep and much more. Find out how easy it is to start the earth today.

Okay, maybe it’s a bit dramatic, but look at sleep deprivation. Ability to relieve stress, depression, heart, disease, Can not focus, Hypersensitivity reaction, High blood pressure, Slow response time, Weight change, Driver fatigue And the long – term total sleep deprivation caused death in laboratory animals.

Sleep problems are dramatic

Of course, when C was born, my insomnia got worse. When I joined my parents’ class, I knew the night of sleepless would be the toughest fight. But even after C started sleeping all night, it did not get any better. If you wake up any noise, it will last more than two hours. always. My average sleep over the past year was two to four hours of sleep. I go to bed earlier in case I have questions. always.

With all honesty, I am very grateful to have been able to function as a human being in the last few years. I am sure it is a combination of good nutrition and many prayers. And I am often thankful that I have slept well, but I have been wise to the end. I just wanted to sleep. Yes. Thanks to the benefits of Earthing, I am slowly recovering. Randomly screaming C and sleeping again that night (type used to wake me up and comfort me for hours).

Well, now I am 15 years old (often less). And you may not know that it’s amazingly fantastic unless you experience sleeping problems. You do not need to purchase sheets, bands, or mats to get good dose of the earth. Just connect to Earth. Take off your shoes. Have some skin contact with the planet surface (preferably at least 30 minutes long). Please join the picnic. Running barefoot.

Hold the tree (seriously, do it.) Of course, if the weather or other lifestyle is hard to get outside, it may be useful to examine some sheets. But grounding is a simple and free solution that everyone can use! Of course, if you are interested in grounding your product during the winter months, you can find it here.

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